Condenser Mics vs. Dynamic Mics

Whether you are going to a studio to record your voice or instruments, you are going to want to make sure that you pick the perfect mic to capture that quality sound that you desire.

While there are several different types of mics that you can get, we are going to cover condenser mics and dynamic mics today. Then we will let you know where you can purchase one for your creative needs.

What is a Condenser Mic

These mics are exactly what they sound like–condensed. Condenser mics are what we currently use to record our podcasts. These mics are typically what you will find booths and small rooms–they are what you will see in most of the studios listed here.

What is a Dynamic Mic

Dynamic mics are perfect for those of you that will be recording live musical instruments. Dynamic microphones will capture choirs, drums, and other instruments in a live setting way better than condenser mics.

If you are recording something that requires the least amount of background noise as possible, avoid dynamic mics. These things will not only pick up your air conditioner and that annoying fly in your window, they will also record your neighbor’s barking dog and lawnmower.

I would suggest to record your content with a dynamic if you have a lot of loud sounds in the room that needs to make it into your recording.

Which Microphone Should I Choose

Choosing a mic an get complicated sometimes. There are more options than the two we covered here, and mics have specs that can get complicated too. We will cover those later.

We suggest that if you need a quiet space to record vocals, then your choice is going to be a condenser mic.

If you need to record loud sounds, or live music, then you want to go with a dynamic mic.

Where to Buy a Mic

There are a ton of places to purchase mics to create your content. The most obvious one is Amazon which is where we purchased our first three microphones from.

Another option is Adorama, a website where you can get a ton of audio equipment for your studio or your content creation.



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