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Blare Recording Studios is a platform for content creators to locate a studio to record their content. We are like the middleman between creators and studios. We help by giving you a place to communicate, set up booking arrangements, and make/accept payments.

Nothing, really. We just go by two different names. We actually prefer Blare Studios and only say Blare Recording Studios when referencing the website.

Not to be confused with Studios by Blare, which is a service of The Blare Group for the same audience.

Does McDonald’s and Burger King both sell burgers? There will always be other companies that do the same, or similar things, and we love it. In fact, you should check out Studio Time. While we’re nationwide, they’re a worldwide platform!

The Loud Shop is our online store to purchase Promo Packages, merch, and more.

An account is not required to browse the website. However, you do need one to list a studio, and to book sessions.

Creating an account is quick and easy, we just need some contact information to get started,

Our team is from Lancaster, California. We currently list studios in United States only, but we plan to expand soon. Our next three markets are Canada, Australia, and the UK.

The goal was, and still is, to own and operate our own recording studio. As a child, our owner, James Shannon, wanted to find a studio to record music at and was unsuccessful.

Years later, The Blare Group was created to help creators spread their voice around the world. This is just one of the many ways that we hope to do that.

We always recommend that you be cautious. We try our best to get to know every user on our platform and try our best to ensure safety amongst every one. 

If you ever suspect anything, contact us immediately.

See our guidelines for more information.


As we continue to grow, creators will visit our website looking for studios to record at. You should definitely be as many places as you can.

We have two plans…

Standard: FREE

With the standard plan you can have one studio listed for life. We just need to review and approve of your listing before it goes live.

Pro: $100 per year

With the Pro plan you can have unlimited listings for life. Each listing is ranked above studios on the standard plan, and each studio skips the approval process.

Why not? You just need to purchase our Studio Pro plan to list more than one studio.

However much you like. Keep in mind that we charge a 10% service fee for every booking. You may also want to include fees for specific services that make you unique.

Yes! When listing your studio you have an option to require a deposit per booking. 

You can also add other required fees and optional addons as well.

You can add whatever fees that you need to. You can have your fees be required or optional. 

If you require staff, such as an engineer, then include it in your hourly rate, and we suggestion mentioning in the description that it is included.

If you need assistance, just email us at help@blarerecordingstudios.com


Each studio creates their own hourly rates, deposits, fees, and addon costs. We just provide the platform for them to accept payments, and a safe place for you to submit payments. For that reason, we charge a service fee of 10% of your total booking cost.

Total Booking Cost (TBC) is the total that the studio charges for everything included in your booking.

Final Booking Cost (FBC) is the TBC plus the service fee (10%) that we charge.

You can contact the studio directly on the website for any additional requests, questions, or concerns.

The amount of time that you must book, or can’t book, is 100% up to the studio. Keep in mind that they can decline a request whenever they feel.

Some studios have days where there are not open. If you happen to book one of these days, the studio may decline your booking request.

A booking is confirmed once a payment has been received. At this point you are under the studio’s cancellation policy.

Yes, we ask that you never communicate offline prior to confirming a booking. Even after, it’s best to communicate on the platform if possible so we can always refer to it if needed.


No, we do not offer insurance. It is best that you insure your studio equipment on your own. 

You can also require that creators have their own insurance. If this is the case, we ask that you include it in your description, or be sure to let the creators know.

We currently do not offer any type of agreements. This, and anything similar, must handled between the studio and creator.

More Questions

If you have any additional questions that are not listed above just email us at support@blarestudios.io.



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