How to List Your Studio

It’s time to list your studio to! This is an exciting moment in your relationship with us, right!? We are going to walk you through the entire process. If you have multiple rooms at your location you will need to sign up for the Studio Pro plan and each room will have their own listing.

Let’ s get started!

STEP ONE: Add Your Studio

In the menu above, there is a red button that says Add Your Studio. Click It! This begins the process of getting everything about your studio listed on our site.

STEP TWO: Select a Plan

We offer two plans that you need to decided on before make your studio available to the masses.

PLAN: Standard

The standard gives you one free listing for a lifetime. We won’t ever remove your listing unless you violate our rules.

PLAN: Studio Pro

Our Studio Pro plan is a yearly subscription of $100 that gives you an unlimited number of listings that can each be listed on the platform for a lifetime. Studios listed under the Pro plan will also be ranked higher in search results over those on the free Standard plan.

STEP THREE: General Information

This is where you start to enter information about your studio.

We need to know the name of your studio, so that will be the first thing you enter. Your studio name will be seen wherever your listing is viewed.

We also need you to write something describing your studio. Try to make the description stand out, and enter any information that you feel will be important for creators to be aware of.

STEP FOUR: Studio Details

Now that we know your studio’s name and some good descriptive information about it, we need some specific details.


Use this field to list any studio equipment that you have available for creators to use. 

We suggest creating a bulleted list to make it easy for creators to read.


List the services that are included with your studio. These services do not have any additional costs and are included in the hourly studio rate.

If you do not see a service that you offer, include it in your description. If we notice that there are common services listed amongst studios, we will add them to the list. 


List the amenities that are available at your studio location.

If you do not see an amenity that you have available, include it in your description. If we notice that there are common amenities listed amongst studios, we will add them to the list. 


Studios must have rules, unless you want creators to do whatever they want and damage your equipment.

Cancellation Policy

Pre-defined Policies

We  have three cancellation policies that you can choose from.

Up to 24 Hours

With this policy, creators have up to 24 hours before their booking session time to receive a refund on their booking.

Up to 72 Hours

With this policy, creators have up to 72 hours (3 days) before their booking session time to receive a refund on their booking.

Up to a week

With this policy, creators have up to 7 days before their booking session time to receive a refund on their booking.

Custom Policy

There is a space provided for you to enter additional details about cancellations. 

This space can be used for several good ideas. If you have a policy that is different from our suggestions you can enter it here.

You can also use this space to enter some other details, like they will forfeit a percentage of what they paid instead of everything. 

Studio Rules

Use this section to specify rules for your studio.

Some examples are no smoking, no drinks near equipment, etc.


Hours are simple. When are you open, when are you closed. For each day you have three options:

  • Time Range – Select the times that you are opened and closed.
  • Opened All Day – This means that you’re opened for 24 hours on the selected day.
  • Closed All Day – This means that you’re closed for the entire day.

If you select time range, you must select the time that your studio opens and the time that it closes.

Note that this is only to let creators know your operating hours. This does not change the times that they are allowed to book a session.

STEP SIX: Contact Information

Creators need to find your studio, and this section is all for that. You have three things to enter right here.


If you have a website, list it here. This is great for studios that want to creators to find specific details about their studio that can’t be found on Blare Studios.

If don’t have a website, let us know and we can hook you up with one.

Phone Number

In the rare occasion that we need to contact you via phone, or if you give us permission to give your phone number to a creator, this is where we’ll pull it from.

Your phone will not be displayed on your studio’s listing.


Super important, but please enter your entire address and not just the city. This makes it easy for creators to find studios near them and in their city.

Like your phone number, your address will not be displayed in your studio’s listing. However, the location will be displayed on a map.

STEP SEVEN: Categorize

We call this section categorize because the information here is used (not limited to) to filter search results.

Ideal For

You can choose the type of studio you have, or select what type of creator will find your studio most beneficial.

Group Size

Enter the maximum amount of people a creator can have in their group whilst visiting your studio.

STEP EIGHT: Pictures

Who does love great pictures? It’s not required to upload pictures to list your studio, but it is highly, highly recommended. Creators want to see what your studio looks like before they show up for a session, and what better way than to have pictures to show them.

STEP NINE: Pricing

Okay, this is why you’re here. Let’s go over your pricing options for when you list your studio.

Base Price

This is the cost per hour to rent your studio.

Security Deposit

The deposit is an amount that you may require per booking. Typically, studios will charge a deposit to cover for unexpected expenses, then the deposit is returned to the creator upon completion of their session.

Extra Service Pricing

These are services that you offer that creators are required to pay. 

An example would be that you require an audio engineer on site, or you may charge for the use of equipment. Anything that they are obligated to pay to sue your studio will be listed here.

You can ignore the per day option, that is reserved for future use.


You can add services that creators have the option to have during their session. Create a name for the add on, and enter the cost per session for the selected add on.

The creators total booking cost will be the sum of their hourly rate multiplied by the amount of hours of their session, security deposit, mandatory services fees, and optional addons.

STEP TEN: Reservation

We have arrived to the part that is important to the creators.

Instant Booking

Allow instant bookings if you want to allow creators to confirm sessions without your approval. Otherwise, you have to approve, or decline, every booking request you receive.



Enter the minimum amount of time creator must book per session at your studio.


Enter the maximum amount of hours a creator can book a session for at your studio.

Booking Times

Start Time

This is the earliest time of day a creator cat book a session for at your studio.

End Time

This is the latest time of day a creator cat book a session for at your studio.


That’s it! You just have to publish your studio listing and creators can start to book sessions with you.



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