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15FIFTEEN Media Group

Add to favorites Share 15FIFTEEN Media Group $60.00 per hour Description 15FIFTEEN Media Group is a Music and Creative studio specializing in music recording, …

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MENC Studios

Add to favorites Share MENC Studios $21.88 per hour Description MencStudios has a large green screen area made perfectly for video production. Management is …

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Blare Recording Studios

Add to favorites Share Blare Recording Studios $50.00 per hour Description Blare Recording Studios is a state-of-the-art premium recording studio located in Lancaster, Los …

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San Diego Supreme

San Diego Supreme $50.00 per hour Description hh j iuh8yo8ybjhfbkj8y 8hh j iuh8yo8ybjhfbkj8y 8hbj jknop knoiunkbvhh mb;lhui7yugu8888888888888bh hbj m m nklnn;lm knhh j iuh8yo8ybjhfbkj8y …

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Pink Cloud Studios

Pink Cloud Studios $80.00 per hour Description Top-tier podcast recording studio with the best podcasting gear, including 5 Shure SM7B microphones, and multi-cam 4K video …

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Red Gate Recorders

Red Gate Recorders Description Red Gate Recorders is 3,000 square feet of carefully curated space for artists of all types and genres to write, …

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No Curfew Studios

No Curfew Studios $65.00 per hour Description No Curfew is a power house studio based in Los Angeles, CA We specialize in taking an artist …

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